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Cinque aquileCinque Aquile

Azienda Agricola Le Cinque Aquile, located in the heart of Tuscany (Italy), is a new brand, but it has been involved for many years in oil production.

Cinque aquile is deeply rooted in the traditional ancient “frangitura” (cold pressing in small mills) and works with complete respect for nature, notwithstanding the use of new picking methods.

The result of our work is an extra virgin olive oil of high quality thanks to its unique flavour and organoleptic qualities.

The certification of protected geographical Indication (I.G.P.) given by the Tuscan Oil Consortium is an additional guarantee for the customer who wants to buy a real Tuscan oil, made from olives grown and picked only in the Tuscan Countyside.

Our history embraces the whole Tuscany; the farm owners, Arnaldo Cacioli and Lorena Dei, come from two of the most traditional and characteristic areas of Tuscany, the Valdasso valley, near Montalcino and Siena, and the Mugello Florence Mountains.

They met each other in the heart of Chianti, among the wonderful landscapes of Siena’s hills and the woods of the Tuscan Apennines, and during their life they always took care of their fields with great passion from the early ’70s. The other family members are now collaborating with them in their great job.


  • For the care and passion we use in the cultivation of our olive groves, in deep respect for our territory/land and giving asurplus value with the valorization of our tuscan landscape.
  • For our methods of harvesting, pressing and conservation that guarantee the high quality of our product.
  • For the assurance of consuming a real tuscan oil that, all around the world, is recognized as an excellence of the Made in italy.
  • For the health benefits that our oil offers: a very low acidity percentage, an high number of polyphenols (elements that fight the free radicals, dangerous for our organism) and a very low number of peroxides (present in high number in extra virgin olive oils produced with olives that are not of first choice and in condition of bad hygiene or not-well conserved).

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